Bought Too Much Dry Ice To Keep Food Cold? 2 Other Ways You Can Use The Ice

6 December 2018
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If you purchased dry ice to keep food cold and have a lot of dry ice left over, do no throw it away. Instead, you can use the dry ice for many different things. Below are two of these things so your ice will be put to good use. Help Plants Start Out Healthy If you like to plant seeds in pots or cups to get an early start of the spring season, and keep your plants in an enclosed building, such as a garage or shed, you can use dry ice to help the plants grow and be healthy. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Any Ordinary Meal Special

31 March 2018
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If you're like most people, you often aren't prepared to dress up an ordinary meal on the spur of the moment -- but sometimes, things happen that require an impromptu celebration. For instance, perhaps your spouse comes home with excellent news about a coveted promotion and you've already prepared a normal dinner and wish you had a way to make it more festive. Adding candlelight, using the good china, and picking a bouquet of flowers from the garden to place on the table are all great ways to create a celebratory ambiance, but there are also certain ways you can make the meal itself more special. Read More