The Health Benefits Of Adding Chilis To Your Chicken Wonton Soup

19 September 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles


Traditional wonton soup is a healthy Chinese soup that dates all the way back to the 7th century. There are many variations on the soup that have been created throughout the years, and some of these soups contain a kick of spice. These spicy wonton soups typically call for either fresh or dried red chilies. If you want to make your soup as healthy as possible, then adding the chilies can greatly enhance the health benefits of the soup. Keep reading to learn about a few of these benefits that you can enjoy. 

Supports Your Immune System

You likely know that vitamin C is extremely important for the body. The vitamin is necessary in creating collagen, and collagen is the protein that is used to create new tissues. This means the vitamin C is a necessary nutrient when it comes to making repairs to the muscles, building scar tissues, or adding new material to the bones. Vitamin C also supports the function of the immune system and it keeps pollutants and chemicals from damaging the body.

Vitamin C also helps to reduce the length of a cold if the nutrient is taken in relatively large doses as high as 500 milligrams. This makes spicy wonton soup a great addition to your diet if you are feeling ill. One pepper contains about 65 milligrams of the vitamin C, so adding two to your soup can really boost your daily dose of the nutrient.

Even on a normal day when you are feeling well, the chilies can be of great benefit. After all, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. This means that the body does not store it and it needs to be consumed daily. Eating a variety of foods that contain the nutrient is the best way for you to get the vitamin C that you need.

Lowers Your Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, then you are at a greater risk of developing heart disease or experiencing a stroke or a heart attack. To reduce these risks, you must follow a proper diet that is rich in healthy fats, fiber, and vegetables. You also must avoid saturated fat and salt. While these things can help to lower your bad cholesterol, they will often take some time to do so. This means that your health may not improve for several months once you change your diet. If you want to lower your cholesterol more quickly, then you should eat foods that actively remove the bad cholesterol from the body and clear the arteries of cholesterol deposits. Capsaicin can do this, and this compound is the chemical in red chilies that gives it its heat.

If you love spicy food and want to lower your cholesterol while eating things like spicy wonton soup, then consider adding high heat chilies to the dish. There are a wide variety of chilis you can pick from and their heat level is measured on something called the Scoville heat scale. The scale ranges from 0 to over 1,000,000, and the higher the chili is on the scale, the more capsaicin is will contain. If you like your food really hot, then add a pepper like the Diablo Grande, Ring of Fire, or Ecuador Hot to your soup. For something hot, but a bit milder, try a pepper like the Little Elf, Kim Chi, or Cheyenne. If those peppers are too hot for you, then look for a variety on the Scoville scale that is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500 units. 

If you like wonton soup and want to boost the health benefits of the food, then adding chilis to the dish is a great choice. For the best spicy wonton soup recipes, consider looking online, speaking with someone at your local Chinese restaurant, or experimenting at home with red chilis.