What Can You Do To Get Students Interested In The School Cafeteria Again?

5 May 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


When participation in your school's lunch program starts to wan, you might have to turn to creative solutions to get students interested in eating lunch at school again. You do not have to completely overhaul your program. Small changes can have a big impact. Here are a few ways you can spark an interest in the lunch program.  

Improve the Efficiency of the Serving Areas 

One of the reasons students are losing interest in eating from the school cafeteria is the time involved to actually get the food. If your serving lines are long and the service seems to be slow, students might find it easier to skip the line and bring their own lunches. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve the efficiency of the serving areas.  

For instance, you could use daisy food carts to serve some food items. The carts can be loaded with healthy options, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. An attractive arrangement of the food can help draw the interest of the students and help you ensure they are getting the nutritious foods they need.  

There is also the added benefit of shortening the lines at other serving areas without having to build an entirely new station.  

Promote the Lunch Program 

Although every single child in your school is aware the lunch program exists, you still need to market it to them. Without the proper marketing, the children could be left relying on misconceptions about the school cafeteria to make a decision about whether or not to eat there. To draw them in, you need to make the cafeteria seem far more appealing than in the past.  

For instance, you could offer free items on certain days. A free snack or the chance to buy items that are not normally served in the cafeteria can be one way to get the attention of the children.  

You could even host theme days that celebrate different cultures, events, or experiences. For instance, in the week leading up to the Super Bowl, you could have a weeklong celebration featuring foods and decorations from various teams in the football league.  

Finding creative ways to make your school lunch program more appealing to your children can help boost the number of them who are excited about eating in the cafeteria. Listen to your students' feedback on the changes you implement and make adjustments when necessary to keep them interested. For more information, contact companies like Servesmart.