Four Unique Ways To Organize And Store Coffee Pods

12 June 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Coffee pods offer a great way to create exactly the right amount of coffee for you and your guests every day, but finding ways to organize and display the different types of coffee pods in your kitchen can be a challenge. Here are a few options you can use to provide easy access to your coffee pods while keeping the different flavors neatly organized.

Silverware Trays

If you have a spare drawer you can dedicate to storing your coffee pods, consider using silverware or cutlery trays for organizing your collection. These trays fit neatly into kitchen drawers, and the separate compartments are ideal for storing your favorite coffee varieties. You can also purchase individual trays for the drawer, which can be used to fill blank spaces around the silverware trays. This provides even more storage for your pods.

Apothecary Jars

You don't have to hide your coffee pod collection away in a cabinet or drawer. Consider creating a display using apothecary jars, and fill each one with a different type of coffee pod. You can then line the jars up next to your coffee maker for easy access. With your coffee maker and accessories all in one place on the counter, you can create the look of a mini barista bar in your kitchen.

Spice Racks

You may find that some spice racks have slots or compartments that are the perfect size for storing coffee pods. Because spice racks come in a variety of designs and styles, it's easy to find the one that coordinates with your kitchen and fits in your available space. A spinning spice rack on your counter makes it easy to view the different flavors you have available, while a spice cabinet can keep the pods conveniently out of sight. If you want to take on a DIY project, consider purchasing a spice rack and paint, and create your own customized pod organizer.

Wicker Baskets

If you want to give your kitchen a charming look while keeping your coffee pods organized, consider using a rectangular wicker basket. The basket should have a fabric liner, but you can purchase baskets with liners at your local craft supply store. Cut pieces of cardboard to fit the width of the basket, and use these cardboard pieces to create separate compartments in the basket. Secure each piece of cardboard with a dab of wood or craft glue, and you have a custom coffee pod organizer. You can replicate this project with a smaller basket to organize sugar packets and other coffee essentials. Add a beautiful bow or ribbon to each basket for a final finishing touch.

Whether you want to show off or stash away your coffee pod  collection, consider these ideas to create the organizational and storage system that works best for you.