Fun Ways to Experiment with Coffee from Different Countries

17 January 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


While you might have recently signed up with a coffee delivery service simply so that you don't have to take time to buy coffee at your local supermarket any longer, there are other things that you can enjoy about this service. One perk is the ability to try a wide range of different products, including those from a variety of countries. Most coffee delivery services have a substantial supply of coffee from a number of nations, and it can be fun to experiment with them. Here are some fun ways to incorporate coffee from different countries into your day.

Themed Dinners

If you're an avid cook who also enjoys entertaining people for meals in your home, you might occasionally enjoy doing themed nights. In other words, you pick a country, and then make appetizers, the main course, and dessert that are from that nation. You might even cap off the night with a movie that has something to do with that country. In advance of this get-together, see if you can find coffee from the country in question so that you can make it available to your guests after they enjoy dessert.

Sporting Events

Watching international sporting events on TV can be fun, especially if you're knowledgeable about the sport. If you have plans to have some friends over to watch a certain game and you've decided that you'll be cheering for one country, see if your coffee delivery service has coffee from that country. For example, if you're watching a soccer match and are cheering for Brazil or Colombia, try to have coffee on hand from either of these nations. Both are significant coffee exporters, so there's a chance that your delivery service will have multiple products from each nation.

Hosting International Guests

Sometimes, you might find yourself preparing for house guests who are visiting from another country. In an effort to be as hospitable as possible — while also showing some creativity — it can be fun to get some coffee from these individuals' country. Browse the products that your coffee delivery service offers and see if you can find a suitable brand of coffee. For example, perhaps your church is hosting some guests from Vietnam and you're planning to have them over for a meal. Vietnam is a large coffee producer, so you should be able to find many products to try and share with your guests. 

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