Instead Of Hunting, Buy These Meats From An Online Butcher Shop

8 April 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


One of the best things about hunting as a pastime is the satisfaction that you get from harvesting your own meat. While this may be appealing, there are several things about hunting that aren't. It's an expensive pastime, can present logistical challenges if you don't live in an area that is suitable for hunting, and can also be time-consuming. If you like the taste of various types of animals that you can't often find in your local supermarket, consider checking out a service from which you can order packages of meat online. In addition to beef, chicken, and poultry, many of these services have a variety of meats for which people typically hunt ā€” but that you can buy without any fuss. Here are some examples.


Deer meat, which is also called venison, is a favorite of many hunters across the country. The large deer populations in many areas mean that a lot of hunters set their sights on this wild animal. If you've tasted deer in the past and would rather buy it than hunt for it, a quick browse of your virtual butcher shop's website will be enticing. You'll likely see a variety of venison products, including venison roasts, ground venison, and even venison sausages. You can use ground venison in a variety of ways, including making hamburger patties or mixing it with other proteins and making meatballs.


Many hunters enjoy hunting for quail, a small bird that is popular to eat. Hunting this bird isn't easy, and even once you're able to shoot a few, the process of removing the shot from the meat and cleaning the birds can be time-consuming and difficult. Skip these hassles and look for quail meat online instead. This is a bird that can present a significant wow factor when you serve it to guests, and there are many different ways to prepare it, including stuffing it.


People who hunt for wild boar often do so because of the thrill of the pursuit. Wild boar can be aggressive, unlike many other types of prey, so there's an element of danger that comes with this type of hunting. Instead of subjecting yourself to this risk, see if you can buy wild boar online. This meat is rich, and some people consider it to taste somewhat similar to pork but also with a slight flavor that is reminiscent of beef. Whether you buy a roast or opt for ground meat that you can transform in a number of ways, this is a versatile option.

To learn more, contact a butcher offering meat packages in your area.