How To Cater Food For An Event

6 October 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


When people eat together, they receive sustenance. However, eating with friends and loved ones can also reinforce social ties. No party is complete without food, but cooking for a group of people can be stressful. Save yourself the hassle of planning, shopping, and preparing food by hiring a catering service instead. Party catering services can accommodate events of any size. Here are four tips that will help you order catering for your next party:

1. Get an accurate headcount.

Before you contact a caterer, you should determine the size of your guest list. Caterers know how much food to prepare for groups of various sizes. However, they will need an accurate headcount. Send out invitations a few weeks before your event and ask guests to RSVP. Making a guest list will ensure you don't run out of food at your event. It can also help your caterer prevent food waste.

2. Decide on a menu.

Party catering services can make many different styles of food. As the event planner, you'll have full control over the menu. Some catering companies offer pre-crafted menus that take much of the stress out of menu planning. However, you can also have more detailed input, if you desire. The timing of your event will likely impact your menu. For instance, daytime events often feature lighter lunch menus, while evening events can feature heavier multi-course meals.

3. Tell your catering company about dietary restrictions.

It's common for people to have various dietary restrictions. Some people choose to forgo animal products for personal reasons, while others stick to healthy diets out of concern for their weight. Food allergies are another potential hazard. Fortunately, party catering companies can work within your guests' dietary restrictions. If you require vegetarian options, gluten-free choices, or any other accommodations, make sure to let your catering company know. The chef will be happy to work with you to create a safe and delicious menu.

4. Don't forget dessert.

Finally, don't forget to take dessert into account. No meal is complete without a sweet treat to cleanse your guests' palates. Party catering companies can provide small bite-sized desserts that will give your guests a taste of decadence without leaving them feeling overstuffed. You may also want to consider adding a dessert bar to your event. Ice cream bars are popular with guests, who can enjoy the experience of choosing their own ice cream toppings. 

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