Need Something New For Your Desserts? Try Whole-Bean Coffee Beans

13 July 2022
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If you plan to host a large party soon, you may look for new recipe ideas to create your desserts. But if you can't find a dessert unique enough to please your guests, create your own recipes with whole-bean coffee beans. Whole-bean coffee beans can give cakes, cookies, and other desserts a unique and creative flavor. Learn more about whole-bean coffee beans and how to incorporate them into your dessert recipes below. 

What Are Whole-Bean Coffee Beans?

If you love to drink coffee from your local coffee shop or vendor during the year, you may also love the unique flavors of whole-bean coffee beans. Most coffee shops use ground-up coffee beans to create their beverages. You can also use whole-bean coffee beans to create desserts for your party.

Whole-bean coffee beans contain the complete seed, or bean, of the coffee plant. Depending on the types of coffee beans, the seed can be sweet and light, robust and dark, or a blend of unique flavors.

The flavors of the coffee beans may also determine whether or not they go well with other ingredients, such as chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. For example, some types of Colombian coffee beans produce sweet nutty flavors that pair well with caramel and similar desserts. Other types of coffee beans pair well with chocolate, such as espresso beans and dark roasted coffee beans.

If you think coffee will help you make unique desserts for your guests, order your whole-bean coffee beans today.

How Do You Add Coffee Beans to Your Desserts?

You want to order your whole-bean coffee beans from an online coffee producer or supplier. The coffee beans you may find in your local grocery store may not be fresh enough for your desserts. An online coffee producer or supplier may take precautions when they store their coffee beans.

After you find the coffee retailer you need, select your coffee beans. If you can't decide on the type of coffee you want to order, ask a supplier for assistance. Most coffee producers and suppliers keep user guides on their sites that explain the origins of their coffee beans. You can use the guide to help you make the ideal desserts for your party. If necessary, ask a supplier if they offer recipe ideas to customers.

Also, ask a supplier if they sell coffee grinders to go with their coffee beans. You may need to grind your beans before you use them for your recipes.  

Learn more about buying whole-bean coffee beans, such as 2 pounds of whole-bean Colombian coffee beans, by contacting an online coffee producer or supplier today.